mi amor<3

eres mi amor te amo porque cuando estoy contigo de tu amor fuck i Give up haha when im with you it feels amazing. I miss you!!! and i LEARN SPANISH =P

"Love feels to good"

"I Love Romina with all my Heart<3<3<3<3"

When the world is falling down..and I need someone around…You’re the one I want to see…You mean everything to me…you know that

she’s the girl i need in my life but she’s leaving soon

when someone fall in love,its always with the wrong person. And when you fall in love with the Right person, its almost the wrong time.


i never had a good feeling in me for a long time,asking my girlfriend in the heart of time Square felt so amazing. I had the butterflies when i dropped on my right Knee and poppin the Question i asked” Baby Do you want to be my officially Girl” In a heart beat she said YES! She Completed my life from day 1 while the clock ticking I’m doing everything in a short amount of time. No1 can understand how i feeel when I’m with her all my sadness,grief ,and pain goes away. Everytime i think about it i feel like im in a Love Story thats gonna have a sad Ending.

Life is Full of up and down and surprises=)


Everyday as my life goes i mange to alway meet some1 new but out of all of them 1 manage to change my life around



I neva know that i would fall in love so quickly, i neva chose to love her but i did. I thought she would be one of them Side chicks but i guess i was wrong. I thought she would be them 187Chicks but i was wrong again. Shes actually different from the other girls i met, her love is amazing….Usually when you see someone you just give that little hug but with her she gives you a ten min hug and KISSES Which I LOVE=) I neva had a Lady did dat to me! From the start i promised myself i wouldnt Love her but i broke my promise.